Battle of the Drum Instrumentals! Part 1: Pre-1980

timmay9timmay9 Washed Up
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I know there was the whole battle of the guitar instrumentals, but what about the drums? If this has been done before, because the search turned up nothing. This will be the first round, "classics", if you want to call it that. Poll will be up shortly. If someone wants to join in on making these, just let me know.


Black Sabbath-Rat Salad (Bill Ward)
No video available

Buddy Rich-Stick Trick (Buddy Rich)

Cream-Toad (Ginger Baker)

Deep Purple-The Mule (Ian Paice)

Frank Zappa-Black Page (Terry Bozzio)

Gene Krupa-Sing! Sing! Sing! (Gene Krupa)

Led Zeppelin-Moby **** (John Bonham)

Santana-Soul Sacrifice (Micka


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