Constructive Album Creation?

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History of Rock, I have a proposal:

We all have seen the Fantasy All-Star Rock Band threads, but today I got to thinking. Why do we have to rely on such a monotonous and dull idea like voting and being done with it? Where is the effort or discussion value in a thread like that? Only popular choices get placed in front and it could be a contradictory imaginary effort. Wouldn't it be neat if there was an alternative where it's not a boring one? Where there is more discussion value, constructing the band would be more than guitarist b, bassist d, vocalist a and drummer c. Get what I'm saying?

Why not make this thread something more constructive?

If you guys are against the idea, that's cool. If you think I'm trying to trash the older threads, that is not my intention. I just felt the standard thread is... boring and no effort or discussion is involved. On the Music Forums where I came from, there was a administrative rule where if there was no discussion relevance, the thread was worthless and will be counted as spam. I'm not asking for History of Rock to be the same. I just want to be more entertained and immersed in discussion on such an idea.


The order of discussing personnel could be done evenly; but it's one band per thread (or even one thread period) so don't expect seven million of these. But... as with the law of making a band as far as composition usually goes:

Priorities are in order:

1 - Percussion (drums)
2 - Rhythm (bass)
3 - Melody (guitar)

With optional discussions relating to vocals and guest musicians.

I think naming the band or album would be pointless but if we want we can get into that. Then we can argue for a few hours about a BASIC genre or subgenre. Something like that. What do you think, this is a one shot alternative-to-this-thread deal. If you don't like it, that's that. If you want to make more discussion in this place, well let's get to it! But first we need a base of the band. What drummer should we look to? (or feel free to comment on the thread first, whatever.)


Constructed Projects:
Band/Album #1
Stewart Copeland (percussion)
Kathy Valentine (bass)
Guy Picciotto (guitars)


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