Just saw Bang Camaro live...

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..and my head exploded! It just went BOOM!!! All over the place! Pieces of my head were everywhere!

...Anyway, I just saw Bang Camaro in concert alongside The Everyday Visuals and Leslie. Both of them were awesome bands but, they did not compare to what is now one of my favorite bands, "the legendary" (as the lead singer of Leslie put it) Bang Camaro.

I knew these guys were going to be a good band as I had heard their albums before and I thoroughly enjoy their songs in Rock Band but, I did not expect the insane amount of energy that came whooshing down at me from the stage. Everybody seemed to be devoting 100% of their entire body to the performance. No matter where the energy came from, it got converted into 100% all-American pure f'n rock. Bang Camaro is an amazing example of a band that you NEED to see live in order to get the full extent of their music. Just hearing their songs or playing them in Rock Band is not they way to know this band. You MUST see them live if you enjoy them. You will not be disappointed.

Enough about my experience though. Here's some kick-ass news. I was able to talk to Bryn Bennett (current member of Bang Camaro and part-time Harmonix employee) after the show and ask him a few questions. One of these questions was "Is there currently any plans to get more Bang Camaro into Rock Band?" His exact words: There might be something in the works.

I'll let you decide what that means.

Nightlife!!... Commando!!

( PS This is the board where these type of topics go, right? I really had no idea where to put it except here.)


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