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Savatage. A unique and absolutely awesome death/progressive/heavy metal band that has, for many, gone under the radar, and currently slumbers. Does "Trans-Siberian Orchestra" ring a bell? ("Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24" and "Wizards in Winter" among others). That's their more commercially-successful side project. (...Personally I think those two songs would kick butt to have as Christmas DLC! :cool: )

Just because they are no longer active under the Savatage banner (especially after the tragic death of Criss Oliva, lead guitarist and co-founder), doesn't mean their music can't be celebrated and enjoyed by those who wish to emulate playing their soulful guitar riffs, powerful drums, and badass vocals.

Here's my personal faves, though even I haven't heard all of their songs yet so there could be even better ones out there. Lo-qual definitely doesn't do them justice, so I hope y'all can find better sources for yourselves to give them a good listen.

"There in the Silence"

These and the below can also be played at
"Dead Winter Dead"
"The Price You Pay"
"This Isn't What We Meant"
"In the Hall of the Mountain King"

This particular one may not be too compatible with Rock Band due to all the piano parts, unless it could be assigned to one of the guitars (I could dig it, personally, but I realize many would not). But it begs to be shared anyway...
"Alone You Breathe" (makes me tear up every time, especially if I'm singing along, was dedicated to Criss Oliva)

Share your favs if you're into this band, whether an old fan who forgot about them but now remembers, or a new one. They rock too hard to fall by the wayside.


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