Classic Rock Tournament: YOU Decide the Winners!!

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With the NCAA Tornament coming to a close, and your brackets drawing dead, I've decided to open a new tournament of sorts. I have selected 16 classic rock bands (metal is next tourney) and seeded them how I feel to be appropriate. A poll will remain open on each thread for a day where you vote for your favorite of the match up to move on.

NOTE: To avoid being accused of favoritism, all polls will be publicly viewable, and, in the event of a tie, the higher seed will advance. Also, I will not vote in ANY of the matchups.

There will be 4 brackets of 4 teams each, seeded 1 through 4

The first matchup is the number 1 overall seed and our number 16 overall seed

1 Led Zeppelin vs 4 Cream

Time is up, I forgot to time the poll. Led Zeppelin wins. Cream is eliminated. Led Zep will face the winner of 2 Boston vs 3 Pink Floyd, which is still open.

You have 24 hours, hurry up and vote. Band with the most votes moves on to the final 8.


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