Setlist - Includes A Better Setlist of Vocals

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I was a convert from Karaoke Revolution to Rock Band and Rock Band 2. Rockband is great, except I find myself not wanting to ever sing anymore because frankly alot of the songs put out are not strong on the vocal side. The guitar and drums get plenty of good songs.

My list is somewhat vocals based; however, I made sure to include on the setlist plenty of songs with unique sounds that would be enjoyable by all.

It's too bad that Rock Band doesn't have a crappy piano type peripheral instrument, because there are so many great songs that wouldn't work for rockband just because it utilizes the synthesizer or piano too much (e.g. The Who - Baba O'Reilly). Too bad. Anyway, here you go:

Smashing Pumpkins Bullet with butterfly wings
Toadies Possum Kingdom
Rush Spirit of Radio (I can't believe this song was passed up for a dozen other Rush songs. Serious?!)
Black Crowes Remedy
Dire Straits Money for Nothing
The Smiths How Soon is Now?
Doors Roadhouse Blues
Pearl Jam Corduroy
Franz Ferdinand Take me out
Journey Separate Ways
Doors Break on through
Eddie Money Take me home tonight
Bush Machine Head
Reggie and the Full Effect Congratulations Smack and Katy
No Motiv Space Age Love Song (Flock of Seagulls cover)
Deftones Be Quiet and Drive
Dishwalla Counting Blue Cars
Dishwalla Charlie Brown's Parents
Daryl Hall and John Oates You Make My Dreams Come True
Incubus Pardon Me
J Giels Band Centerfold
K's Choice Not an addict
Living Colour Cult of Personality
Live Lightning Crashes
Muse (Pack) Plug in Baby (Why isn't there more Muse?)
Muse (Pack) Map of Problematique
Muse (Pack) New Born
Muse (Pack) Cave
My Chemical Romance (Pack) I'm Not Okay
My Chemical Romance (Pack) Welcome to the Black Parade
My Chemical Romance (Pack) Famous Last Words
Offspring (Album) Smash (Album) (Ideal Rock Band Fit for all audiences)
Goldfinger (Pack) 99 Red Balloons
Goldfinger (Pack) This Lonely Place
Goldfinger (Pack) In your bedroom
Led Zeppelin (Pack) When the Levee Breaks (Again, serious?! Led Zeppelin must be asking for too much money)
Led Zeppelin (Pack) Black Dog
Led Zeppelin (Pack) Dazed and Confused
Led Zeppelin (Pack) Trampled Under Foot
Stabbing Westward (Pack) Save Yourself
Stabbing Westward (Pack) Shame
Stabbing Westward (Pack) What do I have to do
Stabbing Westward (Pack) Haunting Me
Guns N Roses (Pack) Estranged
Guns N Roses (Pack) Civil War
Guns N Roses (Pack) Sweet Child of Mine
Radiohead (Pack) I Might Be Wrong
Radiohead (Pack) You
Radiohead (Pack) Killer Cars

Please include in that other list.


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