Rock Band: Rush as done by Soratar

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here with another setlist! This time we get RUSH! I tried to include a very wide variety of songs through their carrer. Since they have some pretty hard songs, the tiering will be high.

Total: 52

Tier 4
Rush- New World Man
Rush- Working Them Angels
Rush- The Pass
Rush- Mystic Rhythms
Rush- Driven
Rush- Red Sector A
Rush- A Farewell To Kings
Rush- Cinderella Man
Rush- The Seeker
Rush- Roll The Bones
Rush- Manhattan Project
Rush- Armor and Sword
Rush- Afterimage
Rush- Virtuality
Rush- Far Cry
Rush- Dreamline
Rush- Force Ten
Rush- Mission

Tier 5
Rush- Lock and Key
Geddy Lee- My Favorite Headache
Rush- Heart Full of Soul
Rush- Subdivisions
Rush- Something for Nothing
Rush- Time Stand Still
Rush- Fly By Night
Rush- Cut to the Chase
Rush- Finding My Way
Rush- Animate
Rush- The Big Money
Rush- La Villa Strangiato (Live)
Rush- Circumstances
Rush- Show Don't Tell
Rush- Double Agent
Rush- Earthshine
Rush- Beneath, Between and Behind
Rush- A Passage To Bangkok (Live)
Rush- Marathon

Tier 6
Rush- Test for Echo
Rush- The Analog Kid
Rush- Digital Man
Rush- Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres
Rush- Stick It Out
Rush- One Little Victory
Rush- Bastille Day
Rush- Xanadu
Rush- What You're Doing (Live)
Rush- By-Tor and the Snow Dog
Rush- Anthem
Rush- Lakeside Park
Rush- The Spirit of Radio
Rush- Freewill
Rush- 2112: Overture/The Tmeples of the Syrinx/Discovery/Presentation/Oracle: The Dream/Soliloquy/Grand Finale

Suggestions welcome! Tell me if some of the tiering is off, many of these songs were off itunes previews.


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