Are YOU Reeling in the Years? A Steely Dan DLC Thread!

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Yes, it is DEFINITELY time. A goofy arcade game with exploding notes and lightning strikes is no fitting place for the greatness of Steely Dan! We NEED our own pack!

I was going to try to come up with a 3 pack, until I realized the futility! So here are a bunch of good candidates ranked by how much they NEED to be in Rock Band (with #1 as most needed and so on):

1. Reeling in the Years: THE #1 "must have" from Steely Dan. A bit overplayed? A cliche choice? So What! It rocks, and would be a BLAST on every instrument as well as fun to sing. And BTW, listen to it in full and tell me it isn't a powerful, moving song!

2. Deacon Blues: So smooth, so moving, and shades of "Tangled up in Blue" by Dylan in its narrative structure. A great "slower" song that would be freaking EPIC on vocals, if somewhat slower on guitar and drums.

3. Do it Again: another "must have" iconic Steely Dan song.

4. My Old School: I love all 4 parts: this one is a must.

5. Kid Charlamagne: Another slower song but more drums than Deacon Blues. A great choice and a little "deeper" into SD than some of the other Greatest Hits.

6. Black Friday: Another up-tempo song that would make a great RB addition. A little TOO timely perhaps....

7. Hey Nineteen: A fun song that would make a good "surprise" choice for a SD pack. All I could find was this live version (these guys are old now but still good!)

8. Peg: What I like about this song is the peppy, sort of jazzy tempo. I like the song (bad Steely Dan does not exist) but I can't say it would be among my top choices for RB.

There are so many others.... FM and Babylon Sisters get honorable mention, but since we are likely to get a 3 pack (if anything) my three pack would be:

Reeling in the Years
My Old School
Deacon Blues

so hard to make any cuts.... Thoughts?


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