The Best of the South

StrongwoodsStrongwoods Opening Act
edited April 2009 in Your Ultimate Setlist
Hey there Everybody! Ya know I been wondering when there's gonna be more Southern Rock artists on the dlc store! I mean comeon people most people are going to see Southern Rock concerts than before! So why not create a setlist of the best southern rock songs of all time!

Artists that should have more tunes::
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Molley Hatchet
CCR/John Fogerty
The Aliman Brothers

I mean the total songs by these bands is 5! Thats really bad HMX! I think we should have more Southern Rock tracks by these guys I mean comeone all these guys should have a entire Album to their self! Well let me know what ya guys think and I hope we can get some more southern bands quickly and soon!


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