Rock Blog Friday 07/13/07

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Holy crap. I just got word that Shigeru Miyamoto stopped by our demo at E3 and watched our team play Rock Band. Don't mind us, we're just having a nerd coronary over here. No need to send help, I'm sure we will eventually recover. He didn't have time to play the game but he did shake hands. Those hands will never again be washed.

Blogs! Designer DanT breaks down the awesomeness that was E3 and points out a few things in the videos that you may not have noticed. One of the great things about having released a bunch of info and video this week is we can talk about some of this stuff! We also have a new one from QA. Less a blog than an admonishment, but there you go. Someone needs to keep you on the up and up. UPDATE- we also have Warburg back from the Dutch Underground with al ate edition Sports and Weather. Enjoy!

DanT scours video for things you may have missed

QA is stern because they care.

Warburg with sports and weather.


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