Gief Amberian Dawn Plx ♥

PMSanexPMSanex Unsigned
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I would LOVE to see more female fronted metal in RockBand other than Lacuna Coil -_- (all we seem to be getting).... there is so much out there.. but I gotta say I'd really love to see Amberian Dawn in RockBand.

I'd really like some more powerful vocals in the game and this band surely has it.

I've thought about other instruments as well, because who would want to play a song that is boring? Well I think "The Curse" (you tube linkage: could be really fun/challenging for all the instruments. Just check out that guitar solo at 2:40.

They are a fairly newish band, and have many other great songs... so I'd really recommend giving it some thought :)

But yeah as someone who primarily plays vocals I would LOVE to see this kind of music in RockBand. :o


  • CyberwasteCyberwaste Unsigned
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    I just listened to the River Of Tuoni album... The opening track would be sweet as... All the album would be better. :D
  • moneypmoneyp Road Warrior
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    Operatic singing gets the moneyp seal of approval. It sounds great and there isn't anything like that in the game. The rest of the instruments are pretty swank as well.

    Plus, in the interests of global diplomacy, it would behoove Harmonix to reach out to the fledgling nation of Amberia.

    Rock On for the Dawn!
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