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Greetings, everyone!

About 7 months ago, I posted on the forums to tell you about the "all-new". Since then, you've seen the introduction of a killer DLC database (now with music videos, full-length streaming previews, and MP3 downloads), over 150 'Zine posts, including over a dozen artist interviews, and how about that Photo Booth? It's awesome to see so many of you using your generated photos as your site avatars.

So, I'm wondering if you'd be willing to do US a little favor... has been nominated for a Webby Award, for "Best Games-Related Site". I'm extremely proud of this honor, especially as we are the only single-game site in the running. But we're up against some tough competition. While I wrestled with the moral question of whether to mention the nomination on our homepage, a competitor (who shall remain nameless) saw no issue with plastering voting links no less than THREE times on their homepage - AND added a lead-in to all of their site's movies with a video tutorial on how to vote for them!

Incidentally, this nameless competitor beat us last year - when we were also nominated, but with a 56% less amazing website than what we've got now! Now, these guys may have a bigger membership roster than us, but no one out-awesomes the Rock Band community.

Webby voting ends THIS THURSDAY (April 30th). So, if you enjoy Rock Band, and you enjoy, and it isn't too much trouble, everyone here at Harmonix would love for you to visit:

Register for an account (sorry - yes I know it's annoying, but much less annoying than "vote-stuffing"), and vote for under:

Website → Entertainment → Games Related

Thanks in advance, and keep on ROCKING.



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