Hey Everybody please submit ideas

GuitarzanGuitarzan Unsigned
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I really need for people to submit some more songs that would be good for rock band
but before you do i want songs that will be fun for all instruments and doesnt just focus on one instrument because after all this is rock band now not guitar hero anymore

So keep that in mind if you post a reply

Also please feel free to list as many as you like



  • XzyliacXzyliac Road Warrior
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    Errr...is this not the mission of this entire board?
  • StartSomethingStartSomething Opening Act
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    Xzyliac;13176 said:
    Errr...is this not the mission of this entire board?
    I guess not
  • Rhamiel_506Rhamiel_506 Unsigned
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    Hey, has anyone suggested "Cemetary Gates" Yet?
  • FunkaTrunkFunkaTrunk Opening Act
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    Bringing Back The Balls To Rock-Lordi
    The Deadite Girls Gone Wild-Lordi
    The Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead-Lordi
    It Snows In Hell-Lordi
    Hard Rock Hallelujah-Lordi
    They Only Come Out At Night-Lordi
    The Chainsaw Buffet-Lordi
    Good To Be Bad-Lordi
    The Night Of The Loving Dead-Lordi
    Supermonstars (The Anthem Of The Phantoms)-Lordi
    Would You Love A Monsterman (2006 Version)-Lordi
    Mr. Killjoy-Lordi
    Blood Red Sandman-Lordi

    Well that's my list of songs I want in the game. Bolded songs are my personal favorite songs.
  • Grey_StreetGrey_Street Opening Act
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    Love to see Warehouse by DMB
  • BlackBeltBlackBelt Unsigned
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    any beatles or led zeppelin song
  • Faceless_teenFaceless_teen Unsigned
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    I'd like to see "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack or some breaking benjamin in rock band.
  • Gear_RA_RA_RAGear_RA_RA_RA Opening Act
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    Rust In Peace... Polaris by Megadeth would be the most fun song in the game, evar.
  • newwaytodienewwaytodie Road Warrior
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    I was revisiting some classics today and I thought White Room by Cream would be sweet.
  • Teh_JakesterTeh_Jakester Road Warrior
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    Suicide Solution by Ozzy Osbourne
  • ElninoElnino Opening Act
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    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-AC/DC

    Because it has a great singing part, great for guitar and drums (not so sure about everything else) and it has the part where everyone yells "DONE DIRT CHEAP". I think this would be really fun to play.
  • TylerSalakTylerSalak Unsigned
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    Id like c'mon feel the noise-Quiet riot
    Train kept a rollin- aerosmith
    Top of my lungs- john mayer
    Bodies- Drowning pool
    Paridise city- Guns n roses
    Houses Of THe Holy- led zeppelin
    By The Way- Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • thebruceleemcthebruceleemc Unsigned
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    BlackBelt;13224 said:
    any beatles or led zeppelin song
    When The Levee Breaks or Immigrant Song!!
  • FacelessButcherFacelessButcher Unsigned
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    Butcher the Weak by Devourment
    Tomb of Scabs by Devourment

    Both (And all Devourment songs for that matter) focus on all 4 things of Rock Band (Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals) Except they arent for the faint of heart. The Drumming may be a little difficult as well. Either way no matter what i say on this forum NONE of the bands i've suggested in numerous threads will be in GHIII nor Rock Band. :(
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    Here is my list of songs that should be added
    Seasons In The Abyss- Slayer
    Angel Of Death- Slayer
    Raining Blood- Slayer
    Creeping Death- Metallica
    Toxic Waltz- Exodus
    Hallowed Be Thy Name- Iron Maiden
    Aces High- Iron Maiden
    Ravinous- Arch Enemy
    Thunderstruck- AC/DC
    Hello From The Gutter- Overkill
    Stand Up And Shout- Dio
    Rainbow In The Dark- Dio
    We Rock- Dio
    Bring Back The Bomb- Gwar
    Sick Of You- Gwar
    Immortal Enemies- Hatebreed
    Mother- Danzig
    When Death Had No Name- Danzig
    Riot Of Violence- Kreator
    Don't Walk Away- Sodom
    and anything/all of The Misfits
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