Album Request - Flickerstick - "Welcoming Home the Astronauts"

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Yes, I know it's probably not mainstream enough to make it, but if you listen to the album, song by song, there's really only one (okay, maybe two) that wouldn't be VERY four-instrument-friendly. Even if all we got was "Beautiful", that'd be wonderful.


Track listing below:

1. "Lift (With Love We will survive)"
2. "Got a Feeling"
3. "Beautiful"
4. "Smile"
5. "Coke"
6. "Sorry... Wrong Trajectory"
7. "Chloroform the one you Love"
8. "You're so Hollywood"
9. "Talk Show Host"
10. "Hey or When the Drugs Wear Off"
11. "Direct Line to the Telepathic"
12. "Execution by X-mas Lights" (on the Epic release)
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