Rock Band: Blink-182 edition *Full Setlist Inside*

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Warm-Up Songs:
I'm Lost Without You
There is - Box Car Racer
All The Small Things
Going Away to College
Story of a Lonely Guy
DJ DJ - Transplants

Apprentice Songs:
The Longest Line
Adam's Song
Diamonds and Guns - Transplants
Feeling This
Easy Target
Give Me One Good Reason

Solid Songs:
Apple Shampoo
Lovesong - The Cure
Here's Your Letter
Another Girl, Another Planet
Hope - Descendents

Moderate Songs:
The Rock Show
Romeo and Rebecca
What's My Age Again?
Super Rad - The Aquabats
Everytime I Look for You
I Miss You
Cool Kids - Screeching Weasel
The Adventure - Angels and Airwaves

Skilled Songs:
First Date
I Feel So - Box Car Racer
Stay Together For The Kids
I Won't Be Home For Christmas
Lycanthrope - +44

Challenging Songs:
Not Now
Man Overboard
When Your Heart Stops Beating - +44
Everything's Magic - Angels and Airwaves

Blistering Songs:
I'm Sorry
Josie (Everything's Gonna Be Fine)

Nightmare Songs:

Impossible Songs:
Aliens Exist
The Party Song

Some of the difficulty placements of the songs may be a bit off, But dammit Harmonix, Make this happen!!! Blink-182 has won numerous awards and they have a great variety of songs. They just recently got back together, So this is definitely possible! In my opinion (and the opinion of others, might I add) this band is 1 of the best bands in the world that is still around today. Blink fans, Unite!


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