Guitar Hero Competitions!

lithiumkclithiumkc Rising Star
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So i've never been to one before.. no bars around here ever hold them. But startnig on august 2nd, a small pub just outside town is starting guitar hero night. Prizes in every category. Grand prize? New PS2, GH2, and a wireless guitar. I'm looking forward to bringing it home and giving away my old set ;)

Anybody ever done a competition?


  • FunkaTrunkFunkaTrunk Opening Act
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    Can't say that I have. Were do you live, I wanna swing by and check it out.
  • lithiumkclithiumkc Rising Star
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    Outside of Vancity... Small enough town, and i haven't found anybody around here who's close to beating me yet, so.. I think i have a good shot at the grand prize :cool:
  • DrIsoscelesDrIsosceles Unsigned
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    I've been in a couple of local competitions. I pretty much breezed my way through to the finals in both. The final song for each contest was Freebird and each time the lead went back and forth over and over with me winning in the end by about 3,000 points. I won an iPod shuffle in the first one and a wireless guitar and some gift certificates in the second...and the title of Guitar Hero of Chico CA!
  • XzyliacXzyliac Road Warrior
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    Believe it or not I've had people who actually wanted my friends and I to do "concerts". Yes they asked for us to come to parties and just play for entertainment.

    While they weren't competitions we found ourselves gaining some attention by playing against each other.
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