Primus Album "They Can't All Be Zingers" for RB DLC.

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I've been dying to have Primus as DLC for Rock Band. But, these band is too good for a 3-pack, so why not have their greatest hits album "They Can't All Be Zingers" for RB DLC instead?

Freakin' classic hits, here's the list of songs in the album:
1 To Defy the Laws of Tradition (6:41)
2 John the Fisherman (3:37)
3 Too Many Puppies (3:58)
4 Jerry Was a Race Car Driver (3:11)
5 Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers (5:17)
6 Tommy the Cat (4:14)
7 My Name Is Mud (4:45)
8 Mr. Krinkle (5:25)
9 DMV (4:56)
10 Over the Electric Grapevine (6:23)
11 Wynona's Big Brown Beaver (4:22)
12 Southbound Pachyderm (6:23)
13 Over the Falls (2:41)
14 Shake Hands with Beef (Version) (4:23)
15 Coattails of a Dead Man (5:17)
16 Mary the Ice Cube (4:37)

What do you guys think? Post comments~


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