Show us Your Real Bands!

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So, among the unwashed masses that inhabit these boards there has to be SOME real life musicians in real life bands :) . This is a thread for musos to tell everybody about your musical background and/or band(s) and maybe even provide some linkage to share the love.

I'm in an Australian band called The Lytic Cycle. Been playing guitar for about 9-10 years or so. Just yesterday I put up a new montage/sample of the live instrumental demo we recorded about a month ago:



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    Well im not in any bands but there's a pretty good music scene in my town and here's a link to one of the best band's in it.

    The guitarist in this band is wicked good.

    "Infamous" is a good song to listen to ^^^^^
    and "Hot Ticket" has such a kick-ass opening.
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