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So, the full list. It's awesome. If anybody wants to help me put stuff in tiers, think of more loading screens, or put the songs in sub-genres it'd be appreciated.
The Adicts- Viva La Revolution (1981)
Adolescents- Amoeba (1981)
The Adverts- Gary Gilmore's Eyes (1977)
AFI- Totalimmortal (1999)
Against Me! - "Baby I'm an Anarchist!" (2002)
Agent Orange - "Bloodstains" (1981)
Angry Samoans- Time Has Come Today (1982)
At The Drive-In- Rolodex Propaganda (Featuring Iggy Pop) (2000)
Bad Brains - "Right Brigade" (1982)
Bad Religion - "We're Only Gonna Die" (1982)
Beastie Boys- Egg Raid on Mojo (1982)
Big D and the Kid's Table- LAX (2004)
Black Flag - "TV Party" (1981)
Blondie- Detriot 442 (1977)
Bomb the Music Industry!- "Bike Test 1 2 3" (2007)
Bouncing Souls- Manthem (2001)
Buzzcocks - "Orgasm Addict" (1977)
Choking Victim - "Born to Die" (1996)
Chumbawamba- Invasion (1986)
Circle Jerks- Wild In The Streets (1982)
The Clash- Career Opportunites (1977)
The Cramps - "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns" (1990)
Crass - "Do They Owe Us a Living?" (1978)
The Damned - "New Rose" (1977)
Dead Boys- Sonic Reducer (1977)
Dead Kennedys - "Forest Fire" (1982)
The Descendents - "Suburban Home" (1982)
The Dictators- Master Rock Race (1975)
Dropkick Murphys - "Time To Go" (2003)
The Exploited - "Punk's Not Dead" (1981)
Face to Face- The New Way (2002)
Fear- Let's Have A War (1982)
Flipper- Ha Ha Ha (1980)
Flogging Molly- Drunken Lullabies (2002)
Fugazi- Waiting Room (1988)
GG Allin - "Bite it You Scum" (1987)
Generation X - Dancing With Myself (1981)
Green Day - "Basket Case" (1994)
The Hives- Hate To Say I Told You So (2000)
Husker Du- Something I Learned Today (1984)
Iggy Pop & The Stooges - "I Wanna be your Dog" (1969)
The Jam - "In the City" (1977)
Jawbreaker- Driven (1990)
Jim Carroll Band- People Who Died (1980)
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts- I Hate Myself For Loving You (1988)
Joy Division - "Failures" (1978)
Leftover Crack - "Atheist Anthem" (2001)
The Living End- West End Riot (1998)
MC5 - "Kick Out the Jams" (1969)
MDC (Millions of Dead Cops)- John Wayne Was A Nazi (1982)
Mighty Mighty Bosstones- Guns and the Young (1991)
Minutemen- This Ain't No Picnic (1984)
The Misfits - "Die, Die My Darling" (1984)
Minor Threat - Straight Edge/Guilty Of Being White (1981)
Mission of Burma- Outlaw (1981)
New York Dolls- Personality Crisis (1973)
NOFX - "Here Comes the Neighborhood" (1988)
The Offspring - "Crossroads" (1989)
Operation Ivy - "Knowledge" (1989)
Patti Smith- Land: Horses/Land of a Thousand Dances/ La Mer (De) (1975)
Pennywise- Bro Hymn (Tribute) (1995)
The Pogues- Body of an American (1986)
The Ramones - "I Wanna Live" (1987)
Rancid - "Time Bomb" (1995)
Reagan Youth- Degenerated (1984)
Reel Big Fish- Beer (1995)
Richard Hell and the Voidoids- Blank Generation (1977)
Rites Of Spring- End On End (1985)
Riverboat Gamblers- Kick In The Stereo (2001)
Social Distortion - "Mommy's Little Mosnter" (1983)
The Soviettes- Multiply & Divide (2005)
Subhumans- Subvert City (1983)
Sublime- Seed (1996)
Suicidal Tendencies - "Institutionalized" (1983)
Sex Pistols - "God Save the Queen" (1977)
Sham 69- If The Kids Are United (1978)
Stiff Little Fingers- Alternative Ulster (1978)
Television- Marquee Moon (1977)
Turbonegro- Age of Pamparius (1998)
The Velvet Underground- White Light/White Heat (1968)
Violent Femmes - "Gimme The Car" (1982)
The Wesley Willis Fiasco- I Can't Drive (1992)
Whole Wheat Bread- 206 (2006)
X - "Los Angeles" (1980)


Post your opinions; favorite songs, least favorite songs, "lol when did beatsie boys and chumbwamba become punk?" if you must.

And thanks to all who voted as well as Legion37, who started this list before he left for Iraq.


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