Australian rockband players!!!!

gomez37gomez37 Unsigned
edited June 2009 in Playstation 3
now that i hav ur attention,heres the scoop.
i currently hav rockband2 and about 110dlc's as well. the problem is that i am in australia and cannot find any other aussie players out there.
where r all u guys? i'm sick of jumping on only to find there is nobody to band up with. bcoz of time differences with the rest of the world,im left with kids and idiots that continually quit.
if there are any aussie rb2 players out there with dlc's,PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me a message on the psnetwork to my username 'gomez37' and i can finally get a good game going. maybe?
i play on expert bass and most guitar trakcs except the impossible heavy metal ones.
actually,i could probly do those tracks but im not into metal so i dont even try them.
contact me aussies!


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