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Updates: 11/26/12: RB3 is not inspiring enough to do this anymore. I still draw my own characters, but nothing finished lately.

**For the non scrollers, here's what's NEW/recent:

Full Band Shot and TC Complete!

Character Request 'Jessica' (for HeyRiles)

Chibi Frontmen

*For examples of the artwork style I use most frequently for requests, please see the bottom of this post!

Welcome to Folkeye & DrifterUK's wonderful world of Rock Band Character Art Requests. Post 1 and 2 are dedicated to requests, and the finished results. So please browse, ask questions, if requests are open from either artist shoot us a PM and we'll see what we can do for you!

Requests: CLOSED FOR NOW No photocreator=no easy reference for me :(

Works in Progress:
Nothing right now.

The Rock Band Calendar NEW FOR 2011/2012
December: Starscream and Sammy
January: Simone and Skywarp
February: Roddy and Holly
March: Jade and Eclair
April: Dream and Izzy
May: Megs and Alexis
June: Jen and Sammy
July: Holly and Snow

Folkeye's Custom Rock Band Plush Toys

Full Band Shot: Megs, TC, Warp and Screamer
Thundercracker Complete
Skywarp Plushie Complete
Skywarp: Custom Belt Detail
'Detonator Boots' Detail
Sywarp Plush Nearly Complete, alongside Megatron & Starscream.
Starscream & Megatron
Megatron with Drumsticks
Brighter Lighting shot of Starscream and Megatron
TC Finally has some hair!

Character References:
In Game Shot of band

Folkeye's Artwork and Requests :
NEWChibi Front Men
Jessisa (for HeyRiles)
'Rounded Up Indifference'- Folkeye's Chibi Band Picture
Oddbrother (for Oddbrother)
Akutsu, Benjamin, Kaiden (for Divastarz63)
Lando (for Lando Lando)
Caleb (for Felldoh the Squirrel)
'Megatron' RB Avatar
'Starscream' RB.com Avatar Shot
Lisa (for BallisticJunkfood)
Les Moore (for Numskull)
Alex Flame (for AlexFlame)
Jen (for Folkeye)
Dream (for Folkeye)
Megatron & Ivory (for Folkeye & Rantaub)
Lara (for AmethystEdge)
Thundercracker and Skywarp (for Folkeye, ME!)
Chase (for Overdriveguitarman)
Salamdra (for ROFLmaker 122)
Evan (for Wolfdarkside)
BoodBoy(for BoodBoy)
Bobby (for HeyRiles)
Starscream (for Folkeye)
Jaden (for Jaden San)
Gler (for Draginite)
The Thunder Man (for Iprogg)
Jacob (for Checkmate)
Mr Zebra (for Shyling3164)
Ryan (for Ryan12147)
#069 Bellsprout (for DannyMC1993)
Vic Ramano (for Thjimmy)
Oddbrother (for Oddbrother)
Vanessa (for Blackjack041227)
Dylan (For British_Waldo)
Luke (For Zetsumeisuna)
My Online Band ‘Flying Free’
Blynk Juan (for Bankai)
Felldoh the Squirrel (for Felldoh_the_Squirrel)
Zeke (for Ezekiel17)
Flo (for Speedbanshee123)
Eclair (for DrifterUK)

Folkeye's Sketches:
Guitarist/Bassist 'Skye'
Singer: Starscream
Full Band On the Phone at work doodle.
Computer Sketch of 'Thundercracker'
Colored pencil sketch of 'Skywarp'
Pencil sketch of 'Starscream'
Colored pencils and lined paper of 'Starscream'
Fast pencil sketch of 'Dream' and 'Sammy'
Pen Chibi Sketches


*If you have your own RB fan art of any sorts, I do encourage you to post! It’s fun to share creativity. Keep the interest going!

*Please see post 4 for links to artwork done by other members!
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