Need some real drumming advice please :D

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Hello rockband community!

Obviously I am new here, but I have been playing rockband since the day it came out pretty much. I started on guitar but now I play the drums 100%.

The fun I am having with playing RB drums has lead me to wanting to buy a real set. I don't really know all that much about real drums so I am wondering if some more experienced drummers could lend a helping hand :)

I know I am looking for an acoustic set more-so than an electric one. I have done some research online and looked at some sets and so far this one seems the most appealing to me. It says "with hardware" and I am wondering if that means it includes the symbols, stands, and pedal. The description for the set is very short so it left me with alot of questions.

If anyone has a better suggestion for me, or so advice on what I should look for, I have up to 800 dollars to spend on one. I am looking for something that won't be too hard for a beginner, but that isn't limited to just beginners (if that makes any sense >_>) Pretty much I would like one that will last me as I get better. Think I'll start off with a single bass pedal and get a double later on, as I don't see many sets coming with them (at least in my price range :D)

Thank you all very much for looking.


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    Hmm I am not an expert as I have only been playing for about 6 months but in my experience hardware usually just refers to the pedals and stands, not the actual cymbals, you will probably need to buy them separately. Honestly though I would recommend going to some local music shops to try out some different brands and get a feel for what sounds good to you, even if I say "OMG that kit is awesome get it NAO!" that may not be true for you as every musician/aspiring musician is different and every drum kit is different, you may need to shop around a bit to find one that really feels right for you.
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