The Official Siamese Dream Full Album DLC Thread

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Siamese Dream would be a great choice as a full album by the Smashing Pumpkins up for purchase. I know we already have "Cherub Rock" and "Today" but their are many great tracks were missing out on. Please sign if you agree.

Artist: The Smashing Pumpkins
Album: Siamese Dream (1993)
Label: Virgin

1. Cherub Rock (on RB1 disc)
2. Quiet
3. Today (on RB2 disc)
4. Hummer
5. Rocket
6. Disarm
7. Soma
8. Geek U.S.A.
9. Mayonaise
10. Spaceboy
11. Silver****
12. Sweet Sweet
13. Luna


  • ocstatocstat Unsigned
    edited June 2009
    Please oh PLEASE keep this thread bumped.

    I would pay 9.99 with a smile on my face just for Geek USA and Soma. And the inner joy I'd feel when that download is finished would know no bounds.

    And while we're at it, if Harmonix made Gossamer from the November 2008 show In Las Vegas I would personally pay the employees involved for their labor. And I'd still pay for the song when it would be released!
  • afterstasisafterstasis Washed Up
    edited June 2009
    i would probably buy this full album... if not, i'd at least get the majority of it.
  • LegendofRock3021LegendofRock3021 Nice Doggy
    edited June 2009
    This would be an instant purchase for me, Geek USA would be awesome among to play among many other great songs.
  • slipkid69slipkid69 Unsigned
    edited June 2009
    Great choice for a full album. The Pumpkins masterpiece!
  • ocstatocstat Unsigned
    edited June 2009
    Geek USA would easily be in the upper tiers, probably in "Impossible". The drums are just insane.

    It kind of bugs me that the majority of Smashing Pumpkins songs picked for these games, including Guitar Hero, really fail to show how skilled Corgan really is at guitar, or even Chamberlin at the drums. Though we have Siva so I can't complain.
  • Matt LOLMatt LOL Rising Star
    edited June 2009
    Alt-rock masterpiece. Shame on anybody who wouldn't buy this. ;)
  • Matt LOLMatt LOL Rising Star
    edited June 2009
    I'll bump this once. Show some support!
  • jayou521jayou521 Washed Up
    edited June 2009
    I've only heard the songs that are in RB~ I'll listen to it when I have more time.

    I'm sure I would pick up quite a few tracks though~

    EDIT: Anyone else in my situation can listen to the album here:
  • ocstatocstat Unsigned
    edited June 2009
    Let us know what you think!

    There should really be a whole Smashing Pumpkins topic. Then we can merge this one into the that, and have all the requests in the same post.
  • cherokeesamcherokeesam Washed Up
    edited June 2009
    Hellyeah, I'd absolutely download the entire frickin' album. Especially for Geek USA, Disarm and Silver****.

    I don't recall Disarm being compatible for all 4 "instruments," though.....been awhile since I listened to it. Seems it was only vox, acoustic guitar, chimes and string section.
  • RiftoffRiftoff Opening Act
    edited June 2009
    I'd buy all this. One of the few albums both my brother and I enjoy.
  • WittyReferenceWittyReference Unsigned
    edited October 2009
    a must have.
  • bubble-tbubble-t Opening Act
    edited October 2009
    Silverf*ck and Geek USA would be unbelievably awesome.
  • neckermanncjneckermanncj Washed Up
    edited October 2009
    i would buy it, it's a pretty good album
  • Dante1847Dante1847 Headliner
    edited October 2009
    this album would be an instant buy for me, no question
  • McNoobMcNoob Road Warrior
    edited January 2010
    This would definitely be an album I'd purchase as whole. So many great songs and plausible considering the other two Siamese songs aren't DLC.
  • Wiiman95Wiiman95 Road Warrior
    edited January 2010
    F*ck Yeah
  • EcclesRoseEcclesRose Opening Act
    edited July 2010
    Oh yes please. I would buy the whole thing.

    I really hope HMX is at least trying to make this possible
  • edited August 2017
    Some more Smashing Pumpkins will not harm anyone.
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