The Effect of Live music

AKALinkAKALink Road Warrior
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Have you ever heard an band and hated their studio stuff, but then you heard their live stuff and you fell in love with it, or at the very least liked their music after that.

or have you liked an band because of their studio music and then heard their live stuff and didn't like them anymore. Dragonforce comes to mind here.
Well tell you live and live likes and dislikes stories please.


  • afterstasisafterstasis Washed Up
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    i can't begin to count the bands i've seen live and thought were good only to be disappointed by their studio work.

    this is especially prevalent amongst noise artists, though jazz and punk are pretty bad about it for me, as well.
  • SolidSnake526SolidSnake526 Unsigned
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    I've experienced the opposite effect every now and again.
    Especially with bands like Dragonforce.
    But the one band I can say I hated until I heard their live material, is Rammstein. It just sounds so much cooler live.
  • WrathyWrathy Rising Star
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    I went to see Mindless Self Indulgence live in January. Prior to seeing them I had tried to like them but it just wasn't happening. But when they hit the stage it all just sort of clicked, and now I love them. Funny how things work out.
  • ant423ant423 Opening Act
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    Anthrax - I know a couple of songs by them, but I was never a big fan. I remember seeing them at Heavy MTL last year and they were one of my favourites there.

    I've never really had an experience where I loved a band and was turned off by their live performance. I totally agree with OP though on Dragonforce.
  • AxlVanHagarAxlVanHagar Road Warrior
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    Well let's see...

    Both The Cult and Billy Idol were absolutely atrocious live every time I saw them. Just terrible sounding in the live setting. Now thta hasn't made me dislike their music at all, I just stopped going to see them in concert.

    Bands that thoroughly impressed me live and sounded every bit as good as if not better than their albums have been Stevie Ray Vaughn, Huey Lewis & The News, Heart, Iron Maiden, Zappa Plays Zappa, and Prince. Those are the ones that immediately come to mind, I'm sure I'm forgetting some with the vast amount of concerts I've seen.
  • CubecubedCubecubed Washed Up
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    i only liked Coheed and Cambria before seeing them live.Now i LOVE them.
  • MrFruitLordMrFruitLord Headliner
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    R.E.M. sounds pretty good live.
  • AKALinkAKALink Road Warrior
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    The Grateful Dead I didn't like until I heard some bootlegs of their music. AC/DC I kind of liked their studio stuff, but after watching Live at Donnington I didn't really like them that much anymore. I have an Bootleg of Wilco Kicking Television and I love it! :3. I listened to Miles Davis Studio stuff and loved it, I heard his live stuff and loved it just as much.

    Now here is an troll, I was pretty indifferent to Hannah Montana. But at the family Reunion when my little cousins had to watch Disney Channel I ended up seeing Raw Live footage from the Mily Cyrus Concert. I was so bad I threw up in my mouth a little.
  • McGerkeyMcGerkey Opening Act
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    Didn't like Bon Iver or Bowerbirds much until I saw them live.
  • XacharyCrossXacharyCross Road Warrior
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    Judas Priest has generally been better live then studio (especially Devil's Child, as RB tunes go).

    Dragonforce was even more laughable live.

    Having played against (before their breakthrough) Sum 41 in a BotB and seen part of a live special on Muchmusic, they go from averagey right down to horrid.

    And the Killers, the one time I've seen them live, Flowers couldn't even sing his lyrics properly, or remember them, or something.
  • Cpt. OverkillCpt. Overkill (Briefly) Touched by a Banhammer
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    After seeing NIN live, I really prefer listening to their live stuff over their studio stuff. And they became my favorite band.
  • AxlVanHagarAxlVanHagar Road Warrior
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    XacharyCross;2595892 said:
    Judas Priest has generally been better live then studio .
    Good one. Totally forgot them on my list, seeing them live was what made me a fan. I didn't like them at all until I caught them live at a festival show.
  • jsorgejsorge Opening Act
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    If you're not Canadian, you probably don't know who I'm talking about, but a band that is really good live is Wide Mouth Mason. They usually play smaller venues around Canada and have been around since the early to mid 90's so I think most Canadians in their 20's would have heard of them.

    The live videos on youtube don't do the performances justice, so I'll just put up a few of the videos. Keep in mind that these are Canadian music videos from about 10 years ago, so cut them a bit of slack if it's not what you're used to.

    Cheers to anyone who decides to check them out.

    Midnight Rain (First Single)

    Companion (Lay Me Down) (One of my favourites)

    Why (best version I could find on youtube)
  • jamie30jamerjamie30jamer Opening Act
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    I saw Iron Maiden on their A Matter of Life and Death tour and they played the album from start to finish and i fell in love with the album... but the Opening band was Bullet for my Valentine and i had heard one song (4 Words) before going and they totally kicked ass and i fell in love with their music after that

    Saw the Rock Star Taste of Chaos in 08... Atreyu sucked ass didnt really like em anyway tho
  • A6ftTooLA6ftTooL Unsigned
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    Saw Biffy Clyro live, don't think I've listened to them since.
  • tatonka05tatonka05 Opening Act
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    Went to a concert once where one of the opening acts was Another Animal. Checked out their studio stuff and wasn't too impressed. Saw them live, and it clicked for me.

    On the other side of the table, I liked Blue October's studio work, a lot actually. Then saw them live, and was completely turned off to their music, such a terrible performance. No matter how much my girlfriend wants to go again, I don't ever plan to go
  • gmarshgmarsh Headliner
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    Can't say I've ever had that experience. Especially not dragon or studio they just fail all the way around.
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