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As the thread title implies, this is a thread where you are able to share your music tastes, no matter what genre you're most interested in. Now with differences aside, let's share some music tastes', shall we?

I'm most interested in light music like ska and reggae. Upbeat, and symbolic, not like most genres of music out there today. Most reggae songs have a deep meaning to them, and most of the time the general meaning of the song is to get through either the best or worst of times together. Reggae overall is just beautiful, aspiring music that describes stories of unity, sorrow, and compassion.

I have a very widespread music taste, from happy and upbeat music such as Sublime and Peter Tosh to the darker side of music such as Iron Maiden and Pantera. Yes, Pantera. I'm into that whole southern attitude thing. Black Label Society FTW. I listen to practically anything, really. Celtic Frost. Amon Amarth. Arch Enemy. In Flames. Dark Tranquility. CKY. Freezepop. Led Zeppelin. ZZ Top. Counting Crows. Senses Fail. Megadeth. Atreyu. As I Lay Dying. Blink 182. I think you get the point.

And a big "You're Awesome!" sticker goes to the person that knew all of those bands.

I'm a big fan of the 90's Seattle grunge scene too. Soundgarden, Alice In Chains. STP, Smashing Pumpkins.

I'm always open to new styles of music, so feel free to suggest some stuff for me.


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    I'll start from what I first started listining to, and go up to the latest band I listen to.

    The Beatles
    The Rolling Stones
    Twisted Sister
    Led Zeppline
    Deap Purple
    Jimi Hendrix
    Mc Fly and the Pigion Coopies
    Guns N' Roses
    Pink Floyd
    Neil Young
    White Stripes
    Iron Maiden
    Ozzy Ozbourne
    Yngwie Malmsteen
    Lordi (My all time favorite band, EVER)

    I've HEARD allot more bands, but these are the ones I listen to enough to remember what there called.
  • metalupyourassmetalupyourass Unsigned
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    i mostly like metal any kind really except for black metal. also some of the new music like bullet for my valentine and all that remains and stuff like that.
  • benjaminbenjamin Opening Act
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    Bands I like:
    Blink 182 (fun music)
    Blind Guardian
    Foo Fighters

    Bands I love:
    Reel Big Fish
    Rolling Stones
    The Sex Pistols

    Bands I dislike:
    Led Zeppelin
    Pink Floyd
    The Beatles
    Jimi Hendrix.

    I will admit that out of all the bands I like I named those ones because they are so beloved.
  • PhiromosPhiromos Rising Star
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    i'm really into 60's stuff like the all time favorite band...but i also kinda like funk RHCP
  • lithiumkclithiumkc Rising Star
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    /cut n paste

    Nick Drake, Beatles, Nirvana, Radiohead, Sublime, The Doors, Hendrix, Beck, Led Zep, Floyd, Queen, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queens Of The Stone Age, Pendulum, lots of different house n stuff.... Ministry Of Sound, Global Underground, Scratch Perverts, Sasha .... Jedi Mind Tricks, Ludacris, Chemical Brothers... pretty much anything if its good

    I got big into house and other decent electronica a while ago... But there's so much CRAP to sift through before you start finding good stuff.
  • whofanwhofan Headliner
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    Well, my musical tastes are very much stuck in the period between 1960 and 1990.

    I started getting into Classic Rock when my Uncle introduced me to it about 8 years ago. Since then I've amassed a "The Who" collection well into the 500 item mark and have the complete collections of Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle and Keith Moon solo works.

    Other Classic Rock artists I really love: The Beatles, Pink Floyd (Mostly post-Roger Waters (i.e. A Momentary Lapse Of Reason and The Division Bell), Queen, Brian May, Elton John (Early Elton. i.e. Madman Across The Water, Tumbleweed Connection, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, The Fox, Jump Up), Steve Vai, Eric Johnson and Boston

    In addition to this genre I also love a lot of Classic Metal (not Speed, Thrash or Death). By Classic I mean groups like Judas Priest (I have 90% of their albums) and Iron Maiden.

    I also have a bit of a weak spot for 80's pop. However, I must be in the right mood for this.

    The final genre of music I really like is Punk. I'm not a huge fan of the Sex Pistols (Blasphemy you cry!) but I do really like The Clash. In addition I really like The Donnas too, even though they're more modern.

    That's about it.

    P.S. I also like some instrumental stuff (Mostly soundtracks to movies, but I also have "Method Music" by Lawrence Ball and Pete Townshend) to put on in the background
  • DesensitizedDesensitized Road Warrior
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    I love every kind of rock style and genre there is, although I'm not much of a fan of metal. Never really clicked for me.

    My favorite eras include late 60s classic rock, late '70s/early '80s punk, non-mainstream '80s stuff (anything underground in the '80s blew away the mainstream stuff), and early to mid '90s indie and alternative rock.

    Rock, punk, ska, alternative, hard rock, classic rock, indie, folk, garage rock, surf, psychedelia, proto-punk, and even some glam rock.
  • MonsterpoptartMonsterpoptart Opening Act
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    my favorites are mostly metal, pantera, all that remains, and children of bodom being my favorites. ill listen to techno and house, but my dad is a dj so ive gotten bored with it. other than metal i listen to heavy rock, and alternative.
  • sanctifiedsanctified Unsigned
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    Industrial, Ambient, cheesy pop music, and the bigger alternative hits of the 90's, i.e. Hole, Cake, The Mavis's, Third Eye Blind, The Verve, Regurgitator...

    Favourites atm...
    Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, Faith No More, Frank Sinatra, Amy Winehouse, Delerium, Massive Attack, Madonna, Arcturus, Zao.

    Fair mix in there.
  • RevenGerRevenGer Unsigned
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    Well, some of my favorite bands/DJs are:
    Radiohead, Sonic Youth, Nine Inch Nails, Aphex Twin, Smashing Pumpkins, Massive Attack, My Bloody Valentine, Squarepusher, Air, Alice in Chains, Beastie Boys, Arctic Monkeys, Chemical Brothers, Blur, Björk, Dead Kennedys, DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, U.N.K.L.E., Led Zeppelin, Interpol, Marilyn Manson, Ministry Modest Mouse, Muse, Pavement, Prodigy, Pendulum, Pink Floyd, Queens of the Stone Age, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, The Clash, The Cure, The Doors, Weezer, Yeah Yeah Yeahs... etc.
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    i like every thing except pop rap emo techno and death metal
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    I love a huge variety of music. Mostly prog rock, then indie, then metal.
  • The_Lizard_KingThe_Lizard_King Unsigned
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    im a blues and folk fan, i venture into other genres a little but i keep my roots
  • KillerIsMeKillerIsMe Rising Star
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    Grunge is close to my heart, Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney...
    Also I'm into som of the death/goth-metal, like Meshuggah, Behemoth and Cult Of Luna...
    Alternative rock is awesome too, like Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails...

    There's alot more of course, but that's the "important" part of it.
  • MrGrievesMrGrieves Rising Star
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    I listen mostly to Indie and Metal depends what mood I am in, I also listen to a lot prog rock
  • RockermanRockerman Opening Act
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    I like the 60's/70's rock Like Beatles,Janis Joplin,Hendrix,Stones,Zepplin,ACDC,Pink Floyd,WHO, Black Sabbath,Ozzy,etc
    I'm also into some metal like Antrax,Slayer,MegaDeth,Moterhead.
    Oldschool rap from N.W.A.,Public Enemy,2Pac,Bigge Smalls,Snoop Dogg,
    And the only tecno i like is Daft Punk
    I really don't like this new mainstream crap that is out nowadays.The only thing I like thats even close to that is Gorillaz.
    So I have to say I've gotta pretty wide variety.
  • dlisapussydlisapussy Rising Star
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    My main tastes are reggae and classic rock

    i would name some bands but i have 593 artists on my iTunes so its kinda hard

    and 14,787 songs!
  • battle_axe_of_doombattle_axe_of_doom Road Warrior
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    lmao i'm not gonna say my library is unbeatable but i'm sure its close :p

    lets see according to itunes which is missing roughly 40 gigs of my music collection i have : 13, 258 songs, 721 artists, and it would take 44.2 days of striaght listening to get through it all.

    on hindsight you have more songs than me ..... for now :chinrub:
  • battle_axe_of_doombattle_axe_of_doom Road Warrior
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    sry for the double post but let me try to get some in here

    miles davis, sabbath, beatles, stones (don't really care for them but they have some brilliant albums), bjork, justice (french house band), aphex twin, massive attack, portishead, paatos, porcupine tree, king crimson, genesis, yes, metallica, megadeth, testament, death angel, dark angel, deathspell omega, death, morbid angel, mayhem, burzum, emperor, atheist, cynic, dr. dre, snoop, mos def, black star, wu-tang clan, willie nelson, johnny winter, wobbler, anekdoten, mercyful fate, king diamond, celtic frost, hellhammer, arcturus, ulver, head control system, alice in chains, soundgarden, the who, the kinks, iron butterfly, meshuggah, shining, aesop rock, cLOUDDEAD, cannibal ox, murs, public enemy, opeth, mahavishnu orchestra, fiona apple, tori amos, egg, can, tangerine dream, mellow candle, mastodon, martyr, martin simpson, the mars volta, frank zappa, machinehead, beethoven, leviathan, xasthur, lurker of chalice, joni mitchell, enslaved, akercocke, pink floyd, pixies, radiohead, muse, arctic monkeys (only recently though), the editors, interpol, murder by death, bloc party, peter bjorn & john, sufjan stevens, iron & wine, linda perhacs, les claypool, primus, buckethead, etc etc etc etc :P:P:P
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    My favorite music is modern rock. I can appreciate all kinds of modern rock from pop-punk and brit-pop to metal but my favorite genres are grunge and post-grunge.

    My favorite bands: Pearl Jam, 3 Doors Down, Alice In Chains, Blink-182, Bush, Chevelle, Evanescense, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Guns 'n Roses, Jimmy Eat World, Linkin Park, Metallica, No Doubt, Oasis, The Offspring, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shinedown, Smashing Pumpkins, Staind, Stone Temple Pilots, Sum 41, U2, and Weezer.
  • KutsicKutsic Opening Act
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    My favorite artists are:

    Linkin Park
    In Flames
    Dir en Grey
    Dark Tranquillity
    Arch Enemy
    Dimmu Borgir
    Anorexia Nervosa
    Cradle of Filth
    As I Lay Dying
    He is Legend
    Avril Lavigne

    I listen to pretty much whatever I think sounds good, from raw black metal to pop.
  • lithiumkclithiumkc Rising Star
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    It's expanded from nirvana, sublime, led zeppelin and the like up til about 17, to 4000 downloaded songs in the past couple years by countless artists since I found torrents. I like basically every genre but country. Countrys not my thing. I'm pretty picky in the music I listen to so I have to REALLY like it in order to push myself to listen to it. If i'm not struck or moved by a song in any way, it'll generally not be in my ipod.
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    I listen to a good mix, but strictly no country.
  • battle_axe_of_doombattle_axe_of_doom Road Warrior
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    willie neslon is good bro check him out
  • CrazyIvanCrazyIvan Rising Star
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    To be honest, I'm just a fan of music. I think anyone that limits themselves to one genre is limiting their life, as well. Music is one of the great mediums in this world of ours that allows you to transcend, contemplate, love, laugh, even rage.

    Of course, there are genres that I appreciate more than others, but I cannot think of a single type of music that I can completely rule out.

    I'm just as much a fan of Sepultura as I am of Johnny Cash.
    I love me some Pantera, but I have been known to nod my head to Cypress Hill.
    Bach moves me and The Who makes me feel young.
    Enya settles me, Hatebreed gets me fired up.
    Afro Celt Sound System literally makes me cry with its beauty.
    Ska makes me happy and raggae makes me feel high. (And yes, I just mean feel high.)

    If I were to list off all of my favorite bands, it would take forever. My hippie parents taught me at a young age that music is truly a gift of life, and nearly everything can be appreciated if you give it enough time. I was raised on the Beatles and Cream, grew into metal during my "formative" years, and mellowed a bit with celtic music now that I'm older. I think in between I've hit on pretty much every other genre and found something to make me happy.
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  • battle_axe_of_doombattle_axe_of_doom Road Warrior
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    CrazyIvan;34947 said:
    and mellowed a bit with celtic music now that I'm older
    do you like lunasa??
  • CrazyIvanCrazyIvan Rising Star
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    I had not heard of Lunasa before, but I checked them out real quick. Awesome stuff! Very reminiscent of the Chieftains or Cherish the Ladies. Thank you for the guidance on that one!

    Have you ever listened to Afro Celt? By far one of the most unique bands in the world. Quite honestly, I've never heard anyone else that even resembles their style. I consider them to be one of the best musical talents this world has ever known. 'Course, they're not for everyone, but there are a few songs that have quite literally changed my life.
  • battle_axe_of_doombattle_axe_of_doom Road Warrior
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    afro celt huh?? not to sound racist but that sounds like a celtic band with black influences. will wiki them and youtube them soon :thumbsup:
  • CrazyIvanCrazyIvan Rising Star
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    They are a very tough band to describe, but essentially they are what happens when you throw together a traditional Irish band, a traditional African band, a smattering of mid-Eastern influenced musicians, and a DJ.

    If that doesn't at least make you wonder what in blue blazes that's gotta' sound like, you're just not human. Whether or not you like it is another story, but the talent level of this band is through the roof.

    My personal favorite album is Volume 2.

    Here are a couple YouTube vids: (Sinnead O'Connor did the vocals on this one) (Peter Gabriel guest sings on this one) (This'll show you how diverse the band is) (not really a video, but a good way to listen to my favorite song by them)

    That'll at least get you started.
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