ATTN: NYC coffee drinkers.. here comes Tim Horton's!

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Tim Hortons takes on Big Apple
Sat, July 11, 2009
GROUNDS OFFENSIVE: Canadian coffee icon girds for doughnut hole-y war in New York City

NEW YORK -- There is about to be a doughnut war in New York.

Canadian institution Tim Hortons has announced that, as of Monday, it will open 12 outlets in Manhattan, marking the first excursion into the Big Apple for the company.

Dunkin Donuts can't be impressed, especially given the new Tim Hortons locations will be installed at spots formerly occupied by the American coffee and doughnut shop. As of Monday, hungry customers will be able to buy Timbits instead of Munchkins and sit on traditional brown Tim Hortons benches and chairs, in a beige restaurant decorated with green plants.

The 12 Tims will be primarily in Midtown, as well as two in Brooklyn. The busiest new location will likely be the Pennsylvania train station (34th Street).

In an effort to charm New Yorkers, a huge radio and newspaper marketing campaign is underway, with rebate coupons and other special offers circulating throughout the city.

tim hortons invades NYC. prepare for the wrath of canadian culture. next thing you know, you might realize you have 2 hockey teams :D


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