The State

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This wonderful TV show from years past (1993) is finally being released on DVD tommorow plus the show Michael and Michael Have Issues starts tommorow as well.

The cast includes:

Kevin Allison - Rising Up: The Story of the Zombie Rights Movement

Michael Ian Black - Stella, Run Fat Boy Run(writer) Wet Hot American Summer, Michael and Michael Have Issues

Robert Ben Garant - Reno 911(writer,actor), Ball of Fury(writer, director), Let's Go To Prison(writer)

Todd Holoubek - Reno 911

Michael Patrick Jann - Let's Go to Prison(writer)

Kerri Kenney - Reno 911, Role Models,

Thomas Lennon - Reno 911(writer, actor, producer, director), Balls of Fury,

Joe Lo Truglio - Role Models, Pineapple Express, Fanboys, Superbad

Ken Marino - Role Models(writer, actor), Diggers(writer actor)

Michael Showalter - The Baxter(writer, actor, director), Stella, Wet Hot American Summer, Signs, Michael and Michael Have Issues

David Wain - Role Models (writer, actor, director,), Wet Hot American Summer(writer, actor, director), Stella

Some of my favorite actors and writers started with this show. Any one else a fan?
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