Michael Jackson Game NOT Dead.

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If you were worried that the death of Michael "King of Pop" Jackson would mean that the previously revealed Michael Jackson game is canceled, buck up: According to MJJ Productions, the game is still incoming.

Apparently, MJJ has been working on the title for several months, and Jackson had already recorded audio for use in the game. Although little is known about the game, it is for "home consoles," slated for a holiday release, and it has been suggested that it will contain some of Jackson's biggest hits.

A representative of MJJ Productions said, "I am sure it will still be released. Michael loved games."

I hope the game that comes out lives up to Michael Jackson's talent -- the last thing the King of Pop needs in the gaming space is a shovelware music game. It seems a little odd that Jackson's "people" aren't working with either Harmonix or EA on a Rock Band or Guitar Hero branded Michael Jackson game. That's what I would do, anyway. Either that, or I'd update Michael Jackson's Moonwalker for current systems.

Source: G4-The Feed
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