Questions about RBN

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I'mma start a thread if it hasn't come up already feel free to put your own questions here too.

1. What will be the difference between Harmonix produced DLC and RBN DLC?

2. Will Harmonix continue to put out DLC as it is currently doing or will it rely on on artists to design their own content from now on? (I'm really concerned that artists may hire designers that will not live up to the awesome quality that the current RB tracks and charting live up to)

3. Will the Pricing of RBN tracks be different than current DLC? Will it be cheaper or more expensive?

4. How often will RBN DLC be made available? Are we keeping to the once a week new DLC schedule or will RBN be up as soon as it's ready?

5. Will all RBN DLC be made available for both PS3, and 360 on launch or can tracks be made "system exclusive"?

6. Will Wii have access to the RBN DLC?


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