So lets make this RBN thing a little bit clearer.

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Can someone explain to me exactly how it works because I dont fully understand it. How do u become a tester? Does it cost money to publish your songs? Can someone break this down please. I would love the oppurtunity to become a tester. It would be awesome.


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    The press release says you need to PAY to get the software $100 for a year.

    "The Rock Band Network will launch as an open beta in late August 2009 in the U.S. and provide a sophisticated toolset, with detailed documentation on how bands can begin the process of authoring songs into Rock Band gameplay files. Authors will be able to submit tracks for playtesting and peer review via a specialized Web site, Potential publishers will need a membership to Microsoft’s XNA Creators Club Online in order to test and publish game content. The service will only be available to those who purchase a premium membership to Microsoft’s XNA Creators Club Online, which can be purchased for four months at $49.99 or for a year at $99.99."
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    To quote myself:
    SonicRocker15X;2731019 said:
    You pay to get the tools to chart your own songs and create gameplay for them. Then you submit them to the XNA community, and anyone with the premium subscription to it (100 bucks a year) can download and check the charts for themselves. IF it gets enough good feedback it'll move on to the official RBN, and will be a real downloadable track.
    And also, if you want to just test you'll still need to pay the 100 a year so that you can have access to everything.
    You don't have to pay to get the tracks themselves after they're approved though.
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    Go to the official thread.
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    Ok that makes sense. Thanks.
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    Done and Done. Thanks guys!
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