The Official Emo Appreciation Thread, and What It Really Is

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Do not use Wikipedia/Allmusic as a reference for what emo really is.

External Links with more detailed knowledge than I

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In recent years, the term "emo" has been bastardized by the media to mean a stereotypical movement of middle class kids who dye their hair, dress up in "scene" fashion attire, whine a lot, cut themselves, and listen to bands who also whine a lot.

This is not what it means, or even close to it.

The bands that are now called emo have zero similarities in sound with any of the original emo bands. These bands should not be classified as such.

Emo comes from the term emotive hardcore. I should probably underline the hardcore part. It is a spin-off sub-genre of hardcore punk, that originated in suburban Washington D.C. when a select few hardcore bands started singing about more personal issues, using harsher vocals, and getting much more invested in the emotional aspects in live performances.

Another insult thrown out to bands is the term "screamo". Screamo is a spin-off from emo that uses much harsher vocals, often screamed, while retaining melodic instruments and tight musicianship. Screamo is not a term that should be used to describe the latest scene bands with screamed vocals that the Warped Tour eats up. For an example of real screamo, see Circle Takes the Square.

I myself don't appreciate the term being trashed because it's an integral music scene that originated in a place I call my home. So please don't listen to Fox News or some 25 year old Rolling Stone writer who doesn't know jack about the subject.

For examples of real emo:

Cap'n Jazz-"Little League"
Embrace-"Give Me Back"
Indian Summer-"Truman"
Moss Icon-"Hate in Me"
Rites of Spring-"End on End"

Essential Emo/Screamo Bands
Circle Takes the Square
Fire Party
Funeral Diner
Gray Matter
I Hate Myself
Indian Summer
I Would Set Myself On Fire for You
Moss Icon
Policy of 3
Rites of Spring

Essential Emo Albums (need more additions)
Cap'n Jazz-Analphabetapolothology (Anthology)
I Hate Myself-10 Songs
Indian Summer-Science
Moss Icon-Lyburnum
Orchid-Chaos Is Me
Rites of Spring-End on End
Saetia-A Retrospective
Sunny Day Real Estate-Diary

Free download of the Indian Summer song "Orchard"


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