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we recieved a letter from MTV Networks asking us to quit impinging upon their domain name with our as it used their full property name rockband in the domain name and would cause confusion or lead users to think we were a part of MTV Harmonix. I have complied with their wishes to take down the site under and will be signing over the domaini(s) to MTV networks

we have taken our site to We are still revamping the new domain/site and are redesigning elements of our site that infringed upon their Rock Band logo.

We had no intentions of infringing upon the good name of, MTV networks or Harmonix but had used the name as it was available and had seen precedent use of the words "rockband" in other peoples fan based or 3rd party domains and websites and their use of the rock band logo/text.

We apologize for any inconveinence or confusion to the users here on and hope you will check us out on our new domain.

Best Regards,
Steve Roberts aka KineticArtist
Company Organizer, Web Development
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