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We already know that much of the DLC will have dreamscapes and that the Abbey Road medley will be available as one ginormous 16 minute track that will make any FCers want to smash their televisions.

But what will this look like? They have to stitch together 9 vastly different songs with different singers and instrumentation. For instance, Golden Slumbers can't just be them in a studio. It has a string section! And I can't imagine Sun King not having a trippy background either. So what do you think each song should have or deserves?

Here's my list:

[*] You Never Give Me Your Money: Studio
[*] Sun King: Hillside like Here Comes The Sun
[*] Mean Mr. Mustard: Cartoon like Yellow Submarine
[*] Polythene Pam: Something like in I Am The Walrus, where it alternates between the group and weird imagery.
[*] She Came In Through The Bathroom Window: Back to studio
[*] Golden Slumbers: Something ripped off from the Simpsons episode
[*] Carry That Weight: Something with British flag, marching guards, maybe?
[*] The End: Rooftop
[*] Her Majesty: Stick figure cartoon
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  • harveyglobetrotharveyglobetrot Road Warrior
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    vcalzone;2794368 said:

    [*] Her Majesty: Stick figure cartoon
    For some reason, I laughed when I read this.

    Not bad suggestions at all. I quite like the idea for the Carry That Weight segment.
  • AKALinkAKALink Road Warrior
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    From where I'm aware, the last Golden Slumbers through The End are their own Melody, you could tack on Her Majesty. The First Melody is know as "The Sun King Melody" The other melody is known as "The Golden Slumbers Melody".
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    ^And the whole thing, minus Her Majesty, is the Abbey Road medley.

    Just Google it, haha.
  • mva5580mva5580 Road Warrior
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    Yeah but see this is something I've been wondering about. Have they said that ALL of those songs will be played back to back, or will it be divided in to 3 parts. Because to me, when I listen to that beginning to end, it's not all together. You Never Give Me Your Money is its own song, Sun King/Mean Mr. Mustard/Polytheme Pam/She Came in Through the Bathroom Window is a 2nd song, and Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End is the 3rd song. As my ears hear it they shouldn't all be put together as 1. But I guess if they want them all together, that's their choice.
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    I think it's for two reasons. First is because the songs were always intended to come out that way. Check the Wikipedia article on Abbey Road. Check the individual song reviews from AllMusic.
    "Carry That Weight," the second to last song in the "medley" portion of Abbey Road, is -- like some other tracks in the medley -- too insubstantial to have stood on its own, but well integrated into the multi-song drift so that it adds to a totality instead of buckling under its slightness. Immediately following the more contemplative ballad "Golden Slumbers," "Carry That Weight" is far more rousing and anthemic, so much so that it's easy to forget that the song is little more than a chorus. And that chorus is nothing more than a single line, though a good one and delivered with conviction: "Boy, you've got to carry that weight, carry that weight a long time."....But there's more to the song than that line-chorus, as it suddenly breaks into a reprise of the first part of the first song in the medley, "You Never Give Me Your Money." It's even a multi-sectioned reprise: the first part is a grandly orchestrated instrumental statement of "You Never Give Me Your Money"'s melody (with some of the best horn parts to be heard on a Beatles record), followed by a typically smooth-yet-busy Abbey Road guitar part. Then the Beatles come back in to sing some key lyrics from "You Never Give Me Your Money,"... Once that reprise is over with, it's back to the main line-chorus of "Carry That Weight," ending with an almost foreboding guitar part. The aura of vague impending gloom, though, is immediately swept away as the track segues into the uplifting "The End," as if the burden of "Carry That Weight" has been magically removed -- for the conclusion of the Abbey Road album, at any rate, if not the Beatles' own impending real-life breakup.
    I left out a lot of the analysis of what it meant, read the full reviews of all the songs (click the little :R: link) if you want some insight into that. I highly recommend the read if you want a quick way to know what it all meant. Like that "Oh Darling" was insanely popular in Cajun culture. But that is why the whole thing is one medley.

    And secondly, the more flippant reason that it is being put together this way is that it is now the hardest song in the entire game, and at 16 minutes long, might even be one of the more difficult ones to FC in all of Rock Band, particularly given that you can't rely on one backbeat/riff and the most difficult guitar and drum work is at the very end.

    I wouldn't mind seeing Golden Slumbers by itself or She Came In Through The Bathroom Window. But the rest are only meaningful in context with the others. Spread them out throughout the album and it becomes substantially weaker.
  • JBurtonJBurton Opening Act
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    I think YNGMYM should be like BITUSSR dreamscape wise. With a green background and money signs and such.

    Everything else would blow my mind up if I thought about it. Honestly, I mean they could be anything.
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