A question about dreamscapes & venues (Budokan vs. Revolver)

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I was just looking on the trusty Wikipedia to see when The Beatles were performing at Budokan, because I knew Revolver came out within a few months of these performances. Budokan performances took place in June & July of '66; Revolver came out in August of '66. I bring this up because there are a few songs on this album not suited for Budokan, or live performances in general. I was thinking of songs such as Eleanor Rigby, I'm Only Sleeping, Love You To, and some more that would go better with dreamscapes. They've already made a dreamscape for Yellow Submarine. Do you guys think Revolver should be split, half Budokan half dreamscape? It just popped into my mind, and the thought of Love You To and Eleanor Rigby at Budokan just didn't seem right, and you could do some pretty cool dreamscapes with those.

This also made me think of earlier songs, like songs from Help! and Rubber Soul that The Beatles rarely (if ever) played live. I know dreamscapes for all these types of songs may be a ton of work, especially since HMX has access to 300 Beatles songs, but going to the Cavern Club, The Ed Sullivan Show, Shea Stadium, Budakon and the Abbey Road Rooftop over and over again could become repetitive. It also really seems like Giles, Alex and the whole gang are trying extremely hard to depict The Beatles to the best of their ability. So far they've done such an awesome job, I really can't ask for more (even though I kind of am with this thread). It seems to me that The Beatles music transition started from Help!, carried on through Rubber Soul, and took off in Revolver. All three albums have a few if not several songs good for dreamscapes. An even early songs like A Hard Day's Night could have an interesting dreamscape. So, basically the question is, does anyone else think HMX will have a few of The Beatles earlier songs as dreamscapes?


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