Medicinal RB therapy

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edited August 2009 in Rock Band
On may 20th of this year, I sufferd a stroke that effected my entire left side as useless. Before this, I played RB at the expert level. Then I couldn't even stand, walk, or hold a guitar.

But, I wanted to thank RB because of my obsession of the game, I incorported the game into my therapy, and now, not only can I stand (because i need to stand when I play), I can move my hand, arm, and fingers again, and play at hard level. (my goal of expert once again is fast approaching). Even my therapists are amazed at my rapid recovery. RB helped my brain reconnect the neural pathways, and the game itself even gives me a gauge of my daily improvement with a percentage. Some of my therapists are thinking about getting the gane for the hospitals stroke recovery wing.

SO thanks once again to Rockband. And the next time someone mentions that playing RB is a waste of time, mention me, and how i'm not crippled anymore because of it.

Michael ;)


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