4 piece band required?

instantdeath999instantdeath999 Washed Up
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Ah, something tells me this question has been answered, but because it's 5 AM, I'll take my chances, and gracefully receive my disciplinary paddling.

Is a full band required for RBN? Of course, I realize that we have instrumentals in RB, but never have any of the other instruments been excluded.

If I wanted to make, say, an acoustic song, with nothing but vocals and guitar, would that be acceptable? I don't actually plan on it, but I would love to try others. Or perhaps a piano dominated song with no guitar? For that matter, will piano be charted to guitar more often, or will the guidelines stay the same (though I do realize it has been done on Rock Band... I have to say, I wish the keyboard solo to She's Not There was charted).

For that matter (and I'm almost positive this has been answered, but if someone would throw me a bone I promise to let you hit me), who handles the song charting? I figure it's not Harmonix, considering they have their hands full with the current DLC.

Let the Paddling of the Swollen Ass (with paddles) begin.


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