1 month to go final curiosities

mva5580mva5580 Road Warrior
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- The final 19 songs. Obviously.
- What does the career mode consist of?
- What in the heck does "additional special content" mean??
- Can venues be changed on non-dreamscape songs? (I fully expect "no," but it has not yet been stated)

That's pretty much it for me, everything else has more or less covered. It would be nice to hear more about the Abbey Road DLC and what else we can expect from that, but I understand not talking much about that until the game actually ships. But those 4 things I have interest in and hope they are approached before the game ships. Obviously the 19 songs will be, and I would *hope* at some point that mysterious "additional special content" phrase is defined, but the other 2 I'm not so sure of. I don't want to see videos of the career mode, just kind of a verbal description of how you go about playing the venues/dreamscapes (can we make a setlist in career mode?) whether or not film footage intertwines with the mode, stuff like that. It could be 2 sentences for all I care, just something of substance. And then like I said the last bullet point I'd like to see stated one way or another but I fully expect that venue changing in quick play will not happen.


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