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I understand what the RBN will bring, but I've heard from others that in addition they will allow you to legally download the music in mp3 format. I haven't seen anything official about this, but it sounds like an amazing idea, almost too good to be true. Has anyone else heard this, or was the source confused. If I could put my RB music on an mp3 player, I would be more likely to buy easy songs personally, even if the charts aren't that great I would have it in my music library and RB library so it would be more worthy of a download.


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    You were mistakenly informed, sorry. There is no way to access the audio files included in either the DLC or the files used for peer reviewing in the creator's club.
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    If you purchase a song off the Rock Band Network you will only receive the song as a RBN DLC track for Rock Band.

    Of course certain bands may be offering separate free mp3s of the tracks found in RBN through some other means. It will in no way be connected with that of what you buy in the RBN store.
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