Can I use acoustica mixcraft to make songs and submit them to RBN?

Andyx1337Andyx1337 Rising Star
edited August 2009 in The Rock Band Network
Or rather FLStudio for that matter?


  • KnucklesdudeKnucklesdude Rising Star
    edited August 2009
    Yes you can. But you won't have the benefits of Reaper: Rock Band Edition. What those are exactly, I don't know, but they are designed to really boost the process and speed up charting the song.
  • JMaqIsYourHeroJMaqIsYourHero Opening Act
    edited August 2009
    I took this question more as, "Can I create music electronically, without the benefit of actual instruments?"

    And I'd say, with no knowledge of the actual answer whatsoever, "I don't see why not, but at that point why not just make it for Guitar Hero?"

    Hopefully I'm wrong about the intent of the original post, and can look like an ass in multiple paragraphs. That would be just awesome.
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