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I believe that --------------'s. music would be a great fit for Rock Band through the Rock Band Network. The network allows artists and lables to chart their own songs for gameplay in Rock Band, and then allows them to be uploaded into the online store for gamers to download for play. Getting their music in the Rock Band Network is great as it gives millions of players around the world an opportunity to listen and play their music, so it's great for exposure, and an extra source of revenue. You can put as many songs onto the game as you want - from one or two to whole albums or whole discographies even.

For more information, http://creators.rockband.com/

Tracks can only be submitted by someone in the United States, so either you could get someone in the states to chart the songs for gameplay or just get them uploaded by someone in the states. Alternatively, you could send the masters to a company that will do all the work for you for about half the profits. Some of these are listed below.





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* I am not affilliated with Rock Band or Harmonix. I am just a fan of both the game and ----------------.
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