(Official?) My Band is coming to Rock Band!

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So I haven't seen an official thread for marketing your own band that is about to hit the RBN. I thought it would be cool to have a thread to tell people about your band, the songs and the process of getting your song available on RBN.

For almost 2 years now, I'm a plastic instrument addict (expert guitar/drums & some singing/voxtarring). Got addicted when playing GH3 over at a friend's house, but thankfully I chose to buy Rockband. I have about 250 songs total, with some 80 gold stars on guitar and 40 on drums. And still play just about every day!

I'm also the drummer and producer for the band Oliver Pride, hailing from Toronto, Canada. We are unsigned, but we've just released our first EP of 5 songs, that you can listen to on our MySpace page http://myspace.com/oliverpride. We play rock music, with an electronic twist to it.

Our first song on RBN is called 'Nothing There' and will be authored by RhythmAuthors. They've been great in guiding us through the process of preparing stems and I totally recommend using them. So now we're eagerly waiting to see videos of the charts and the launch of RBN.

So tell me what you think of the song! And if you have a band/song coming out on RBN, post your story here!



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