A little Beatles game

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Since we have yet to spend 19 Australian days (Am I right? I cannot recall the proper username of the Australian user with the countdown, I think it's harveyglobe though) till 9/9/09, what about having some fun in the forums? So I came with a nice concept which may be pretty fun.

The rules are easy: I'll start saying a Beatles song, and you'll have to say another song which has in common with it a word. For example, if I start with "Hey Jude", another user can reply with "Hey bulldog", and so on. Since we are on a Beatles forum, I'd say we can only say songs by The Beatles or by the fab four in their solo careers.

If I say "Hero", a good reply would be "Working class hero", for example, a not very good one would be "Hero of the day" and so on.

I hope you all got how it works :D

I'll start with the song I'm listening to at the moment:

"Another girl"


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