Re-creating the Ed Sullivan Set

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Hello :) This question is for the hardcore Beatles fans and maybe even some of the Harmonix staff.

I run a company that host Rock Band Bar Nights in Denver, CO. I have been contracted by a local Best Buy to host a special release day Beatles Event in the store. They will not allow me to bring my regular stage because of "liability" concerns so... My plan is to re-create the Ed Sullivan Arrows for the event and place them on the floor up front, and angled down in the rear just like the real ones where (sorry, they won't let me do the drum riser, just a circle on the floor :(). This should be very simple but I can't find the info I need. My questions:

- What color are they? I've read that they where white, but the in game shots look yellow or woodgrained.

- How big? I will be scaling them down a bit, but I would like to know the original dimensions.

Info and links would be helpful. Thanks in advance! :D


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