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I'll just start listing the chart preview videos from all varieties of groups and bands and labels here for discussion, if that's alright.

Notice: all charts are works in progress.

** = recently added

* after the genre name means it is a sub-genre (listed as such when the primary genre is "Other")


Counterfeit Pennies
- "Can't Stop the Light" - | Full Band (new version!) | from Ozone Entertainment

- "Icarus Song" - | Full Band | from

Songs to Wear Pants To
- "Never (Extended)" - | Full Band |

The Slip
- "Even Rats" - | Full Band | from The Authority

World Minus One
- "Still Alive" - | Full Band | from


Bernard Allison
- "The Other Side" - | Full Band | Expert Vocals | from Noble Rhythm

Cetan Clawson
- "White Heat" - | Full Band | from RockGamer Studios


- "Trachea" [instrumental] - | Full Band | *(camera setup)

[B]Robby Suav


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