So what do we need?

JediDrummer17JediDrummer17 Unsigned
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Can someone give me a list of the stuff we absolutely need to make, publish and download songs?


  • BillyBlaze314BillyBlaze314 Unsigned
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    To make, publish and download for peer review, you need:

    - A computer that can run Windows
    - Reaper or similar digital audio workstation
    - Audio stems for each separate track in the song
    - Magma (software from Harmonix; not available yet)
    - An Xbox 360
    - A gold Xbox live account
    - An XNA creators club account
  • davidshekdavidshek Community Playtester
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    BillyBlaze314;2960942 said:
    - A Premium XNA creators club account
    Added in the one part you forgot.
  • action9000action9000 Unsigned
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    If I may add onto this:

    I am thinking of becoming an artist for this game, but I don't own an x-box 360; I have the PS3 version.

    I do have a few friends with 360s, who would be willing to let me borrow them for short periods of time...however none of them have Gold memberships. Is it possible for me, as a producer, not looking to download or anything, to upload songs with limited access to a 360 and no access to a Gold membership or must I work in a way to get access to both of those?

    Not from a player's point of view but from a musician's point of view, how much access to a 360 do I need?
  • SHPhr34kSHPhr34k Opening Act
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    You absolutely require an XBL Gold account as well as the XNA Premium account to be able to access and upload to the Creators Club website.
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