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I'd like to start by saying that I think RBN is one of the most ingenious ideas I've heard of in years. I am in full support of the benefits it gives to both players and little-known bands alike.

Having said that, I can't help but be extremely dissappointed by the fact that you have to be an American resident to submit songs. Ever since I found out about RBN, I was excited to try and see if I could get some of my band's music published via it (gain some notoriety and perhaps make a little money on, the side - sounds awesome!).

But, being both a PS3 owner and a resident of the UK kind of limits me. So, my question is this - will UK residents ever be able to submit songs on to RBN? It seems really restrictive that only NA residents can submit songs, why limit yourselves and others?

I understand that RBN will most likely be available on PS3 in the coming year, but I would like to think that there is still some hope for us Brits to get our work out there.

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