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I had a thought. I know that XB Indie Games are priced by size, and thus putting them on sale wouldn't work. But since songs are priced by the submitter, is it feasible/allowed to put songs on sale? For that matter, what about any other edits? Like, if there's a typo somewhere in the lyrics or metadata, or the album image changes, or something. Or do we just have to make absolutely, positively sure everything's right before submitting?


  • k-mack-mac Road Warrior
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    I'm pretty sure that if there are typos or other mistakes in the chart, it won't pass the peer review. I believe you can change the price quarterly, but 80 msp is the lowest you can go. For the most sales, you might just want to just set it at 80 msp.

    Other than that, you can't make any changes to the actual content, so you'd better make sure everything's just right before you submit.
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