Rock Band: Trve Metal Edition

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Well, I have a little bit of spare time, and felt like making a metal setlist since the ones I've seen aren't always my cup of tea.

Edit: Their have been some new ones made that are my cup of tea.

Not as well thought out as Onslaught's (very hard to do). I'll be including some questionable "metal" bands that had great influence over the genre, and some that were called it at the time only to have revisionist history effect them.

Not completely finished!

1960's (4 songs)
Blue Cheer - "Second Time Around" Heavy Metal 1968
Cromagnon - "Caledonia" Black Metal 1969
High Tide - "Pushed, but Not Forgotten" Progressive/Heavy Metal 1969
Jeff Beck Group - "I Ain't Superstitious" Heavy Metal 1968

1970's (15 songs)
Beck, Bogert, & Appice - "Lady" Heavy Metal 1973


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