The OFFICIAL Harmonix Rock Band Community Zine #21 - PAX Harmonix

undertowundertow Road Warrior
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With only 5 days back at the Harmonix HQ after returning home from Gamescom in Germany, the travel-ready Community Team is hitting the road yet again as we head out to the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle.

We'll have an awesome set up at PAX, with The Beatles: Rock Band, LEGO Rock Band and the full 800+ song catalog of Rock Band playable at our booth. Stop by and play with us!

HMX will also have a larger presence at PAX, with a full panel discussing Rock Band Network, super limited shirts from HMX artists to benefit Child's Play, and what is to be an epic set from Freezepop!

PAX is one of our favorite community events of the year, and this year the timing couldn't be more perfect with the release of The Beatles: Rock Band only a few days away. We'll have all of TB:RB playable at PAX and we'll have some goodies for everyone that comes by.

And the fun won't end of launch day either! After 9.9.09 we'll still have DLC, event info to share, and a few other surprises as well. Hang on, we're almost there!


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