Let's all keep 1 thing in mind when questioning quality on RBN

iruhlmaniruhlman Opening Act
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nothing can be as bad as Rock Revolution!!

Seriously though, the videos have shown obviously how much people care about this game. No one would allow trash in the game.

For me wanting to be apart of all this and of the "anxiously awaiting crowd" about all the details.. makes it just a tad harder to wait now :(

great videos by the way guys!!


  • FangSingFangSing Opening Act
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    It's about a two week process to get songs in. They will make sure the charts are quality.
  • iruhlmaniruhlman Opening Act
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    are you apart of XNA? I tried to go over to the website and ask about some info. They told me based off my post I knew more than them. lol
    Didn't seem none too friendly though about it. I suggested a thread to inform others about what to do or where to go but i think they locked it
  • SonicRocker15XSonicRocker15X Headliner
    edited September 2009
    For the record, I liked playing Rock Revolution. At the five bucks I paid it was good value.
  • iruhlmaniruhlman Opening Act
    edited September 2009
    I paid 5 bucks as well (I'm playing it right now and theres random folks online so I'm guessing many more did because of price)

    The highway is the main problem at Expert level, It's tetris style hurts my eyes to say the least. I actually didn't mind the poison note challenge or the on the fly recordings.
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